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Posted by | April 25, 2013 | A Deliberate Life | 2 Comments

When it comes to events like The Fly Fishing Show, 99.9% of people who attend, leave with a t-shirt or flies or hat or decals — sometimes dropping some dollars on a new rod and reel, waders or jacket. It’s not often you hear that someone left one of these shows, let alone the film tour that accompanies it, with a brand new outlook on life. The fact that it happened because of the film…that’s pretty damn cool.

My name is Joe. I’m 43, married almost 18 years with 3 kids (15, 14, 11). Full time job, mortgage and car payments – woohoo the whole American dream! I have been a bridge engineer for the past 20 years. I wanted to be an engineer from the time I was about 15. In the past 5 years or so I have moved into more of a management/administrative/marketing role with only brief spots of “real” engineering when my staff needs direction or solutions.  My job has been much less fulfilling.

I caught the trailer for A Deliberate Life online, then went to the Somerset Fly Show, walked around there for a day and saw the extended version of A Deliberate Life at the Film Fest. As we watched the film at Somerset I leaned over to my friend and said that most of the dialogue sounded like it was coming out of my own mind. By the time I got back to PA I knew what I wanted to do. I want to tie some flies, sell them and someday attend shows as a fly tier. It isn’t going to be a career and I am not going to be a millionaire, but it gives me the chance to be a part of the professional/commercial fly tying industry even if it is only on the fringes

I want to thank you all for helping to inspire me to start looking at my life differently and making some changes, hopefully for the better.

I wish you all the best of luck!!

(Editor’s note: Joe has started his own company called Predator Fly Outfitters. You can find his work at predatorflyoutfitters.com or on FB at facebook.com/PredatorFlyOutfitters – Congratulations, Joe!)

Behind the vice and getting after it


  • Joe says:

    Thanks guys!! One of the great things is that the new venture has helped to reinvigorate my engineering life as well.

    Looking forward to seeing the full version!!

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