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Posted by | March 20, 2014 | A Deliberate Life | 4 Comments
The edit



We’ve got the storyline and narrative built.
We’ve got our soundtrack selected.
We’ve got all our video assets organized and ready to flow with the words and music.
And now we’ve got our deadline.

A Deliberate Life will be released by the end of May.

Stay tuned for more details as we get closer to the finish line.


  • Brian Koz says:

    very good news indeed, so excited to see it happen. I will be very happy to spread the good word.
    Tight Lines,

  • Christina says:

    So excited to see the final project! Please don’t forget to let me know how to order a few copies…

  • Steve Z says:

    Friggin’ Awesome!

  • ross Slayton says:

    I love you brother! this is just icing on the cake! But please, don’t be poppin out of mine all nekid and sexy ok? I’ve had my fair share of trauma lately. Bwahahahah! Just kiddin. I know you will treat this like one of your babies and when we see the final product it will be sublime and uplifting, worthy of the character all 5 of us carry deep inside. Bless you much my brother. I really miss havin you guys around

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