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Posted by | February 25, 2015 | A Deliberate Life | 14 Comments

Back in 2013 we were excited to have the extended trailer of A Deliberate Life selected for the International Fly Fishing Film Festival (IF4) and its tour of cities all over North and South America. It was that year-long journey, and the thousands of individual (and equally as important) journeys the trailer made, that introduced us to so many of you who shared stories of hope, fear, anxiety, pain, acceptance, change, celebration, fulfillment, freedom, and happiness. Of your own deliberate steps in this life. To say that the response we received, and still receive today, was profound would be a significant understatement. I continue to be both humbled by, and in awe of the steps you all have taken.

Flash forward to today – February 25, 2015. Well over two years since we returned from shooting the film out west, and since the trailer debuted at the Denver Fly Fishing Show. The film is now complete and measures 33-minutes in length. The Blu-ray master is on its way for duplication and packaging, and we’re planning on releasing it for sale on disc (right here on silofour.com) and through Vimeo on Demand (check it.) in the next couple weeks. I am biased — but it’s beautiful. And I am proud of everyone involved in bringing the film to life. For me, standing for, and standing by it has proven to be the best decision I’ve made in a long, long time. It was meant to be.

A Deliberate Life Blu-ray

To add to the big news… thanks to our friends at Vantage Point Media House, this weekend we’re honored to be traveling north of the border to Ontario, CA for another film festival (non-outdoors or fly fishing!! No kidding!) that the full-length film was selected for: The Belleville Downtown Doc Fest. This three-day festival features documentary films that celebrate life and human dignity around the world and here at home. And the heartbeat goes on.

Please stay tuned here, our Facebook page, or Twitter feed for the pending release of the film (I’ll announce on my fishingpoet Instagram feed as well). Definitely check out the digital download if you simply can’t wait for the Blu-ray.


Be well, all.
And thanks, again.


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