Some stories grab you by the collar. Some speak softly and beg you to lean in close. However they’re told, they still need to say something that matters.

Silo4 was born of the need to tell stories that matter. Stories that cause people to actually pay attention to something other than the break-neck monotony of day-to-day life. Stories that inspire change, action, understanding, appreciation of the people, places and larger world around us.

Silo4 is a platform that allows for creative collaboration on projects that we think tell a story that needs to be shared. The players may change depending on the project we’re tackling. But the team will always share a deep passion for the outdoors, a unique perspective and strong combination of skill-sets — cinematography, photography, writing, editing — and a singular, intense motivation to create compelling, meaningful work.

“A Deliberate Life” — The team

Matt White – Cinematographer, Editor
Dustin Lutt – Cinematographer, Editor
Grant Taylor – Photographer, Producer
Matt Smythe – Writer, Producer